Tag Heuer – A Famous Swiss Watch Brand

1)Tag heuer Formula 1 spokesman – Maria Sharapova

At the age of four, sharapova’s most loyal partner is an old Dunlop tennis racket. At the age of five, she has come to the fore, and accepted the training of Martina Navratilova in Moscow, from then on stepped on the road to the tennis star. At the age of 14, she has won the junior championand joined the professional tour. In 2002, she scored WTA rankings for the first time, and ranked 532th. Only two years later, she won the Wimbledon victory and became the third youngest grand slam champion in the history and was the Russia’s youngest winner. Don’t stop their goals by injury, Maria Sharapova in her professional career has created many climaxes.

Maria Sharapova not only represents the TAG Heuer passion and excellence and values, but also has the charm of a like nature itself and elegant temperament. This can be seem clearly from her personal choice of accessories. For example, the TAG Heuer sun glass which is designed with the assistance of her and her F1 female ceramic watch. The same with the replica tag heuer, in the eyes of Maria Sharapova, style and connotation are inseparable.

replica tag heuer formula 1

replica tag heuer formula 1

2)Tag Heuer Carrera spokesman –Leonardo DiCaprio

Since 2009, TAG Heuer announced a Hollywood star leonardo dicaprio as its new ambassador, and the disclosure fee signed with leonardo in the contract are used to support the work of protecting natural resources committee and the international green cross, leonardo more donated millions of dollars to support the environmental causes mentioned above.

The Operation of TAG Heuer with leonardo is arising from his persistence on interpreting the business, he was famous in youth, but constantly challenges the new works, tries a new role, has the courage to break through in business, and his spirit of innovation bring out the best in each other with the TAG Heuer.